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  • 4Aug,2021

    What are Safety precautions before you meet up with any tutor, parent?

    Dear parents if you are hiring any tutor you should know the some precautions. Because it is very necessary as an unknown person is visiting at your place. So you should have all the information about the tutor. It is important to know the details of tutor. You should ask the tutor to provide you his/her I’d proof like aadhar cars or voter card also take the latest photos from the tutor. You should also discuss all the details from the tutor bureau also. And also if the tutor ask you for an advance fees ask the tutor bureau first and if they told you to pay in advance pay then only. These all measures will help you to prevent from any troubles. Similarly if you are tutor there are certain safety precautions for you as well. When you visit student’s house. You should behave very well. You should be well dressed up. You should punctual. After meeting with parents if you think class is confirmed. You can contain the classes. About the payments it’s your decision if you the think the client is decent and there would be no problem regarding the fees you can collect the fees at the end of the is also possible that there might be problem related to the fees and you realize that client will create problem in giving the fees better you can take in advance. These are some important precautions which are necessary for the parents and the tutors to know so in future there is no such issues.

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