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  • 13Dec,2019

    Simple and Powerful Tips That Can Help You Study More In Less Time

    Exam period is totally stressful. Reading clump of books and memorizing everything can be a Extremely difficult task. The silent majority of students fail to arrant their syllabus on the right time. If you also have the same issue, we have some aid in hand.
    It is unfeasible to add more hours to your day but it is surely possible to make every hour more efficient and productive. we will tell you some of the easiest and more efficient ways to study more in less time. Using these tips, you will definitely be able to cover your entire syllabus while also getting sufficient time to revise what you have learned. If you don’t believe us, read further:
    Study the same thing at different locations
    This is a scientifically proven fact- if you study the same material at different locations, your brain conserve information better. Studies say that when you study at a particular location, our brain tends to link the memorized content to the surrounding. So, if you get many facts to link to one or the other thing relates to the different environs, it gets easier for the mind to recall it.
    So, study in your room, garden, balcony, at a friend’s place, and coffee shop. This will help you remember it better once you sit in your exam hall.
    Declutter your study space
    If you keep your laptops, novels, smart phones, etc on your study table, you will defiantly going to get distracted. You may feel an urge to just give 5 minutes to check the Instagram feed and those 5 minutes will miraculously turn into 30 minutes before you would realize that you have wasted a lot of time.
    Whenever you study, keep the technology away. If your laptop helps in your study, keep your focus on studies. Don’t open another tab to just scroll through for a moment.
    Study according to priority
    Before you begin to study, you need to setup the material for every subject. You can compute the chapters according to the marks distribution and difficulty level.
    Start with the chapters that are arduous and carry more marks. This is a way of delaying slaking and making it easier for you to study more as the exam approaches.
    If you keep the difficult chapters for later, you may develop cranky, feel irritated and fail to grasp more. Keeping facile chapters for later help you to keep the pace and interest alive. You will be able to study more and most importantly, study efficiently.
    The ‘memory palace’ technique
    Another scientifically proven fact is that students who use the ‘memory palace’ technique can recall things in a better way.
    These tips will help you to learn and recall the things easily without any difficulties.

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