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  • 4Jan,2020

    7 Techniques for students to remember anything

    There is no doubt that teachers make a difference to how well the kids do at school. There are some apparent teaching strategies that have far more impact than other teaching strategies do. Research shows that there are some evidence based teaching strategies which are likely to have the largest impact on student mind which improve their results. here are some followings evidence based techniques.

    1: Clear Lesson Goals

    It is crucial when you are not clear about what you want from your students to learn during end of each lesson. Make your lesson goals with your students clear which effect on student results is 32% greater than the effect of holding high expectations for every student. If you cannot quickly and easily state what you want from your students to know and be able to do at the end of a given lesson, the goal of your lesson will be unclear. Clear your lesson goals which help you and your students to focus every other aspect of your lesson on what matters most on the lessons.

    2: Show & Tell

    your lessons goals should be clear what you want from your students to know and able to do at the end of the lesson. Once you are clear about what you want your students to know and be able to do at the end of the lesson, you need to tell them what they need to know and show them how to do the questions and tasks you want them to be able to do. By this way you don’t want to spend your entire lesson having the kids listening to you, so focus your show and tell on what matters most. To do this, you have look at another lesson goal.

    3: Questioning to Check for Understanding

    Research says that teachers typically spend a large amount of teaching time asking questions. However, few teachers use questions to check for understanding of the lesson in a student mind. However, you should always test understanding before moving on the next part of their lesson. Techniques such as randomized test, student answer-boards and tell-a-friend help you to check for understanding before moving on from the show and tell part of your lesson while you can use different questioning techniques at different stages of your lesson.

    4: Summarize New Learning In A Graphical Way

    There is a new technique which leave their impact on the students mind. Graphical outlines include things like flow chart, mind maps, bar diagrams, pie-charts etc. By the graphical summarize way student can learned so fast and understand the interrelationship between aspects which you want to taught. Consider a graphical summary is a superb way to finish your lesson. By this way you increasing the learn availability of a student.

    5: Provide Your Students With Feedback

    Giving feedback is the extraordinary work for a teacher to student. Because it involves letting your students know how they performed on a particular task. And what are the ways to improve their task. If a teacher seriously want to boost their student results should start giving them feedbacks. Unlike praise by teacher hurts the student so the child to do more efforts for getting appreciation from teacher.

    6: Get Students Working Together (in productive ways)

    Group work is not new, and you can see it in every classroom. However, productive group work is rare. When working in a group of students tend to depend on the person who seems most willing and able to do the task at hand. Psychologists call this activity social do nothing. To increase the efficiency of your groups, you need to be selective about the tasks and assignments you assign to them and the individual role the each group of member plays. You should only ask from groups to do the tasks that all group members can do successfully. You should also ensure that each group member personally responsible for the steps in the task.

    Evidence-Based Teaching Strategy7: Teach Strategies Not Just Content
    You can increase the level of student learning by teaching them strategies not only content of the lesson. When you teach them mathematics teach them mathematical strategies which help to solving the questions. And give the assignments for practicing. In theoretical subjects also teach them main points and strategies of the chapters because only learning whole content is not enough for good results.

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