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  • 16Aug,2021

    What makes a good home tutor?

    Who is a good tutor? Which qualities the tutors must have? How will you get to know that the tutor is good? There are several question come to the mind of the tutor before hiring any tutor? We believe a good tutor is one who is well educated and experienced. The good tutor is one who has good command over his subject and the tutor must have good communication skills. The important quality of the tutor is he/ she should be polite and genuine. The tutor’s education background must be good. The tutor should be result oriented. The tutor should be punctual. We believe the qualities of good tutor as he or she should regularly take revision test of the children. always try to provide good tutor to the parents and all these qualities must be in a tutor. The other qualities of the good tutor can be considered as they should be well dressed and neat and clean. They should reach on time at the child’s place. They should charge reasonably. They should be kind to the children and parents. The tutors should always speak the truth. A good tutor understand the requirement of his or her students. They always give best to their students. There qualities make the tutor best in their subjects. And all the parents required such a teacher only. We understand parents need and try to provide them such a teacher Only.

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