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  • 2Dec,2019

    How to deal with exam stress

    Exam stress affects most of the students in different ways. It is essential to maintain this stress and find the ways of helping and eliminate the risk of burnout.
    1. Take regular breaks and schedule to study with concentration
    Prepare your time table day before sleep and set your target for next day. Its will help to complete you target syllabus and helps you to reduce the stress of studies. We should make plans for study because every person is different and their daily life time routine is also different so every student should make their schedule according to their need and comfort.
    2. Exercise and get outdoors
    In exam time it is important to study hard but for relaxing the mind should be go out side to walk or play outdoor game for half hour. Because it help to reduce the stress and make your mind stress free and energetic. For reducing the stress students should wake up early in the morning and go for morning walk because it is good for the health also and when health is good so you can easily study without any problem.
    3. Don’t (always) listen to others
    Don’t listen other what they for studies make your rules according to your study habits because every students have their own strategy some can finish the book in one month and some in one week so it’s only depends you that how much your learning power is there. This will help you to reduce the stress of other as well as studies also.
    4. Speak to someone
    If you get more stress by studies so then you should talk to the someone who help you to manage the thinks. In your school there is the facility of these type of person who guides you to how you should manage the think easily without taking stress. Try to avoid other stressed people

    5. Start early
    If your wants to reduce the stress of studies then first think that you should be do that start studying early before exam this is the one of the most important key of studies. When you give the time on a particular subject with concentration and revise it again and again then it will reduce the stress of as of and you understand the things easily without any problems.

    Follow all these above tricks and say get out to the stress with getting good marks in you exams.

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